Genome Research Center for Health

TheGenome Research Center for Health (CRGS) is a high-capacity Research Infrastructure in Campania dedicated to genomics and bioinformatics studies, with particular focus on Oncology and Precision Medicine aimed at expanding knowledge in these sectors in order to improve human health and well-being.

Our mission

The main focus of the Center is to expand knowledge about the structure and functions of the human genome, including genetic and epigenetic alterations that cause diseases, to identify new therapeutic strategies and offer targeted therapies to patients, taking into account their genes, lifestyle and environment.

For this reason, CRGS is also able to make the most advanced genomic technologies accessible for research in Molecular Medicine, thanks to the availability of latest generation instruments and technical-scientific expertise in Genomics, Bio-informatics and Computational Biology.

Laboratorio del centro di ricerca

Center structure

The funding members of the CRGS include two Universities, two industrial groups of the health sector and one PMIs all active in research and development in the fields of therapeutics, diagnostics and bioinformatics for human health.

The founding partnership which manages the CRGS includes:

two research organizations

- University of Salerno with three Departments (DIPMED, DIEM, DISA-MIS)

- University of Sannio with one Department (DST)

and industrial companies

- Biogem Scarl

- Genomix4life Srl

- C.G. Ruesch SpA

- GVM Care & Research SpA

The operating structures of the Center are divided into three strategic hubs, located in three of Campania’s provinces (Salerno, Avellino e Benevento)

  • HUB 1, located within the Medical Campus of the University of Salerno (Baronissi, SA)
  • HUB 2, located within the BIOGEM Scarl Campus in Contrada Camporeale in Ariano Irpino (AV)

  • HUB 3, located within the Department of Science and Technology, University of Sannio (BN)

CRGS is a Research Infrastructure inspired by the principles of Open Science, aimed at national and international collaboration with researchers and research groups in the field of Genomics and more generally of Precision Medicine.

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