Biogem (Ariano Irpino, AV)

NGS Illumina NextSeq 550 Sequencer

The NextSeq 550 System combines the capabilities of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and arrays with tunable outputs. The NextSeq 550 System offers multiple levels of throughput that provide users with optimal operational efficiency. With this tool, users can sequence a wide variety of samples per run:

• 1-12 exomes

• 1-16 transcriptomes

• 6-96 target panels

• 12-40 samples for gene expression profiling

The system supports the full range of Illumina solutions for library preparation and target enrichment, offering compatibility across the Illumina sequencing portfolio.

BD FACS MelodyTM Separator flow cytometer

BD FACS MelodyTM is a latest generation compact and benchtop cell sorter exclusive to Becton Dickinson. The fixed alignment and the electrostatic "cuvette based" technology guarantee very high performance and maximum reliability. Allows 2-way and 4-way sorting. The BD FACSMelodyTM represents the ideal solution to combine the separation of cell populations with multiparametric analysis. It can be used as an analyzer: in this case, the operator can avoid the calibration procedures necessary for the sorting experiments and, after the acquisition, the data can be analyzed with the BD FACSChorusTM software and FlowJo, both present on the platform.

GentleMacs™ Octo Dissociator tissue dissociator

The GentleMACS™ Octo Dissociator is a benchtop instrument for dissociating or homogenizing tissue in a closed, sterile system. It allows fully automated and standardized processing of up to eight tissue samples simultaneously. Its eight positions can be operated independently of each other, both in terms of application and start-up time.

Piattaforma per single cell sequencing 10x Genomics Single Cell Chromium Controller

The Chromium instrument uses a NextGEM (Gel Beads in Emulsion) technology for the creation of single cell libraries using an advanced microfluidic device. It allows you to perform a gene expression profile analysis of 500-10,000, an epigenomic analysis with ATAC-seq profile and an immune profile analysis of single cells in a single instrument.


The computing system of the Ariano Irpino hub hosts 1200 cores, 5Tb RAM and 1.3 Pb of storage

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